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Darci Polla, LCSW
My goal is to assist, and support individuals and families in their healing process. As a professional therapist, I value the healing impact that can come from a supportive therapeutic relationship. In my practice, I support and treat individuals and families by working with them to find solutions and to make meaningful changes. My goal is to help those I work with build strength, develop skills, resolve painful experiences, find support, and work toward solutions that will positively impact their lives.


  • Individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and children
  • Family Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy with adults, adolescents, and children

Therapy Can Help With

Stress Management

Stress is a part of everyone's life but chronic stress or sudden life changes without appropriate management and self care can lead to depression, fatigue, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and can affect your overall happiness and that of others in your life.
  • Get support with difficulties that are creating stress in your life. Some areas may include job stress or secondary trauma, loss of a job, relationship difficulties, and/or parenting stress.
  • Learn new ways to manage stress and increase your happiness and self care.


Have you experienced a traumatic situation such as a abuse, divorce, sudden crisis, car accident, involvement in a natural disaster, or other life altering situation that has caused you distress?
  • Therapy can help you resolve negative feelings associated with a crisis or traumatic experience. Unresolved trauma can lead to depression, difficulty sleeping, reoccurring thoughts about the trauma, anxiety and even panic attacks. EMDR is one therapy approach that can be utilized to assist.
  • Getting support is an important part of coping with a crisis or highly stressful life event.
  • Accessing support can reduce symptoms associated with trauma or stressful life situations.

Survivor of Abuse

Have you or someone in your family been a survivor of a sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, or a victim of crime?
  • Therapy can help resolve pain associated with these issues by providing a safe environment to process the experience
  • Many survivors suffer from feelings of depression, and anxiety. Therapy can help treat these issues.
  • You are not alone. Counseling can provide emotional support that is essential to the healing process.

Family Problems

Lack of communication, arguing, tension, and stress in the family can lead to unhappiness, sadness, and anger for family members. Therapy can help your family.
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase communication in your family through learning new ways to communicate and interact
  • Receive support with losses such as divorce and difficult life transitions such as death of a loved one
  • Deal with transitions such as the birth of a child, children growing up, or parenting challenges

Empowerment and Healing

Healing is a very individual process. Therapy can assist you in this journey. Also it can help you
  • Achieve confidence and increased self worth
  • Increase assertiveness
  • Improve self esteem
  • Set and achieve goals